Laboratory Equipment, Reagents, Consumables and Water Treatment Products in Uganda.

Hachfeld Limited is an equipment, reagents and consumables distribution company.

Through strategic partnerships with leading global manufacturers. We help Uganda municipal and industrial customers;

  1. Produce reliable testing results,
  2. Optimize processes,
  3. Maximize returns at a competitive cost through expertise, innovative technologies and
  4. Reliable technical support.

Our top 10 Products and Solutions in Uganda

  1. Laboratory Reagents and Consumables
  2. Laboratory Meters and Probes
  3. Online Analyzers and Sensors
  4. Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes
  5. Resins (Cationic, Anionic and Mixed Bed)
  6. Antiscalants & Antifoulants (Hypersperse) for RO Systems
  7. UV Disinfection Systems
  8. Reverse Osmosis (RO) /Ultrafiltration (UF)/Ion Exchange(IE) Desalination Systems
  9. Chemical Dosing Pumps
  10. Equipment Repairs & Maintenance

We serve diverse vertical markets in Uganda

We have achieved well-structured growth over the years at various company levels. spanning turnover, geographical expansion and incorporation of new product lines.

Within the field of analytical equipment, consumables, reagents and water treatment in Uganda.

Our focus is on the following verticals:

  • Waste & Drinking Water Treatment.
  • Power Generation Plants.
  • Contract Laboratories.
  • Food and Beverage Companies.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies.
  • Academic & Research Institutions.
  • Mining Companies.
  • Engineering and Consultancy Firms.

We Partner with Leading Global Brands

Hachfeld provides innovative products and high-quality after sale services  to our customers. This forms the bedrock of our business. Our global partners include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • HACH – Complete range of Lab and Online Water Quality Testing Solutions
  • LuminUltra – Rapid, Accurate and Portable Microbial Testing Solutions
  • LG Chem – NanoH2O™ seawater and brackish water RO Membranes.
  • Purolite – Ion exchange, adsorbent, and specialty resin technologies
  • Prominent – Metering Systems for Fluid Handling
  • Suez – Chemical Solutions for Water Treatment 
  • Magnetic – Portable Desalination Technologies
  • Luminor – UltraViolet Water Disinfection Solutions
  • PACT – Containerized & Skid RO, UF, I/E Systems
luminor and hachfeld
lgchem and hachfeld
Purolite_Life_Sciences and hachfeld
prominent and hachfeld
suez-waters and hachfeld
magnetic and hachfeld
pact and hachfeld
Luminultra and hachfeld

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