Introducing Hach`s HQ Series Multiparameter meters by Hachfeld Limited.

hachfeld ph meter models by hach

Confused by the diversity of pH meter models?
Looking for a meter that anyone can run successful calibrations?
Curious about discovering the benefits of using innovative SMART sensors?

There are dozens of water quality portable and laboratory meters on the market. Based on decades of expertise in water analysis serving our customers, we know you are looking for the best option to meet your specific water testing needs.

hachfeld hq series by hach
  • The NEW HQ™ Series portable meter provides a true, robust and intuitive designed meter for water professionals who want to perform electrochemical analysis in the field or the lab.
  • HQD benchtop Multiparameter meters are also available for professionals who require a dedicated lab meter only for any application.
  • Hach’s Intellical® probes will function with both of these meter platforms and they are offered in a variety of laboratory and field configurations to meet the most demanding applications to accurately measure the following parameters:
    • pH,
    • Dissolved Oxygen (DO),
    • Conductivity (EC),
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS),
    • Ammonia,
    • Ammonium,
    • Fluoride,
    • Nitrate,
    • Sodium and
    • Redox (ORP).
hachfeld hq series ph meter models by hach

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