Hachfeld Equipment and Reagents distributors.

Hachfeld Limited is an equipment and reagents distribution company in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialize in analytical laboratory equipment, process equipment, reagents and consumables.

Leveraging excellent customer service and existing business relationships. Hachfeld has been able to grow its customer base.

We serve diverse vertical markets including:

1. Waste Water & Drinking Water Treatment Companies,
2. Power Generation Companies,
3. Contract Laboratories,
4. Food & Beverage Manufacturing Companies,
5. Pharmaceutical Companies,
6. Academic Institutions,
7. Mining Companies,
8. Engineering & Consultancy Firms.

Our success is due to:

• The quality of our products
• Our customer interactions and engagements
• The availability of products

We take inventory of not only of what we are good at but we also keep inventory of what our customers need.