Hach DR6000 uv-vis Spectrophotometer by Hachfeld Limited Kenya

HACH DR6000 UV-VIS spectrophotometer cost-effectively combines quality and efficiency to deliver top performance in demanding laboratory and photometry applications.

It is the most suitable water quality testing instrument for Beverage, Drinking water, Industrial Water, Pharmaceutical, Power, and Wastewater companies.

dr6000 uv-vis spectrophotometer by hachfeld limited kenya

The DR6000 UV-VIS spectrophotometer has improved laboratory efficiency by providing the most reliable results.

The instrument houses 240 pre-programmed test methods including the most common testing methods used and guided procedures.

The DR6000 comes with integrated QA software for scheduling, documenting and interpreting all of your needed quality measurements.

Additionally, you can easily access the calibration data, the batch number, the measurement process, and the raw data through its user friendly interface.

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hach dr6000 spectrophotometer by hachfeld limited kenya

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